Finding your purpose and passion

It’s not uncommon to look back on your dreams and desires of 10 years ago and find that you aren’t where you thought you’d be. Finding yourself on a different path than you expected doesn’t have to be a disappointment.

When you lead with your purpose, each step of your journey is right and takes you to exactly where you need to be.

Find your purpose

Genevieve Piturro of the Pajama Program didn’t start out her career with the desire to run a non-profit. Growing up with strong family roots and connections encouraged her to follow the work ethic of her father and the warm, loving heart of her mother. These roots are what gave her the moxie to jump from the corporate world into entrepreneurship.

It all started with a question that was asked by a little girl in an emergency shelter. That moment of human connection was Genevieve’s ‘aha’ moment and changed her life.

Prior to that interaction, Genevieve had a job – but not a purpose. Like other entrepreneurs, one moment ignited something within her. She was obsessed, insatiable in her desire to see her new passion come to fruition. 

Make connections

But passion and purpose isn’t enough to see you through. The drive to start a non-profit was alive, but without tools and the advice of others, Genevieve could have been stuck.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. The desire to accomplish something can lead to wanting to do it ‘all on our own’. While independence can help you strike out on your own, not being able to ask for help can have negative consequences for your business.

In the beginning of her journey, Genevieve had to make a decision. Without help, her nonprofit, her purpose, would not grow. One of the hardest choices to make is to ask for help.

She had cheerleaders around her, people that would support her and rally for her. And out of that group, she began to find masterminds – other entrepreneurs that were on the journey. Together, they were able to share ideas and encourage each other.

When Genevieve was ready to build her business, she began to seek out a mentor – someone who was already a successful entrepreneur. Cultivating a relationship with a trusted advisor allowed her to have a space to ask the things she didn’t know. And there were no dumb questions. 

Making connections is also important to Genevieve when dealing in business. Her passion and power lies in creating authentic relationships with others. These connections allow her to be vulnerable in seeking help and give her authority when sharing her experiences with others. 

Instead of leading with her head, she leads with her heart. One key to entrepreneurial success is human connection. It gives you the ability to listen and empower others to solve their problems.

Overcome fear

Fear is one of the greatest enemies on the entrepreneurial journey. Genevieve, like many business owners, has had to face the greatest fear of all: the fear of failure. In her mind, failure meant not just letting herself down, but letting down that little girl that inspired her.

Instead of allowing fear to paralyze her, Genevieve learned to pivot. When business was at risk of stalling during the pandemic, Genevieve took ‘crazy’ advice from someone. That advice didn’t lead to a million dollar campaign, but it did boost morale and give her team the confidence to continue moving forward.

Pass it on

After establishing a successful non profit, Genevieve could have stopped there. No one would have batted an eye. 

But that isn’t the way of the entrepreneur. Genevieve continued to pursue her purpose by sharing her experience with others. The lessons she learned moving through the peaks and valleys of her entrepreneurial journey now help to inspire other individuals and teams to find their purpose and a path to accomplish it.

Genevieve Piturro is the Founder of the Pajama Program. You can find out more about the Pajama Program here.

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