How do you know if you are ready for EmpowerCPA™?

First, let’s set the #1 ground rule. In your CPA firm, the daily grind is not the vision.

You didn’t start your own CPA firm to be stuck in reactive mode, surviving one deadline after another. But at some point, the constant demands of tax season, extension season, and an ongoing talent shortage paralyzed your ability to work on your firm’s vision and growth. Your days seem full of putting out fires and managing a whirlwind of compliance work. 

This grind is not the lifestyle you had in mind as a firm owner. And, if it was, that needs to change if you want to enjoy your business and attract and retain talent who will run the business when you need to get away.

It’s time to stop making excuses and take back control of your firm. EmpowerCPA provides a proven framework to empower your team, increase productivity, and achieve the vision that inspired you to launch your own practice.

If you are ready to enjoy your business and empower your team to elevate your firm to the next level of revenue and profit, you’re ready for EmpowerCPA™.

Empower Your Team Through Defined Roles and Responsibilities

EmpowerCPA starts with clarifying roles, responsibilities, and processes so your team can work to their potential. You’ll learn about the JULIE™ role and how to identify and assign that role in your firm. The JULIE™ role is an executive operational business professional, who leads the implementation of the firm’s vision as a business as well as  standards and accountability. 

This role is not that of a practice manager; rather, the JULIE™ runs your business. He or she empowers each team member to excel in their role, freeing you up to focus on strategic leadership rather than daily management and client work.

With clearly defined responsibilities, your staff will handle essential day-to-day work without constant oversight from you. You can shift your focus to growth initiatives that include charging for the value you provide, and building deeper relationships with your ideal clients. Few accounting firms are looking for “more” clients, but every firm should want quality clients. You will run a firm like a profitable, growing business that manages deadlines (including tax season) without chaos.

Implement a Tailored System to Drive Productivity and Profitability

EmpowerCPA™ was created specifically for CPA firms by a CPA and a JULIE™ (the original JULIE), who created the proven set of easily replicated processes that turned their firm into a profitable business. A business that experiences exponential annual growth and a positive, healthy team culture. 

The EmpowerCPA™ framework leverages the proprietary POWER model to gain control of your operations as a CPA firm. POWER stands for Prepare, Optimize, Win, Evolve, and Results. Each module is designed as a step by step turnkey solution that tackles the unique challenges of small public accounting firms in today’s world.

These principles have been proven through successful implementation in dozens of CPA firms nationwide, empowering owners to finally step back and enjoy the business and lifestyle they envision. 

Step out of the chaos

As a firm who has implemented EmpowerCPA™, you will step out of the daily chaos and reclaim the lifestyle that inspired you to open your own firm. Despite the talent shortage, you can empower a high performing team, and we’ll show you how. 

Get ready to work on your business instead of constantly working in it, focusing on strategic growth rather than reactive firefighting. 

Transformation won’t happen overnight, but the EmpowerCPA™ framework guides you through the step-by-step process to gain momentum and drive measurable results.

Your firm’s full potential and your own freedom are within reach. The ship of excuses has sailed. Get started today and take the first step towards transforming your firm. Your firm and lifestyle are at stake, and empowerment is the key. 

Stop settling to survive. mode. Choose to thrive.
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