Julie Smith, MBA

Julie joined Harper & Company CPAs Plus in November 2013 as a Practice Manager. With over 13 years of leadership experience, Julie brought a strategic approach to managing the practice. Empowering others to develop into their best professional selves is her passion. Her superpower is teaching people how to get out of their own way so they can successfully execute change, build positive cultures, and move their businesses forward.

In 2017, when Julie and firm Owner, Glenn Harper, decided to shift their business model to offering advisory services that help entrepreneurs grow their business, Julie saw exactly what needed to be built culturally and organizationally for their CPA firm. Together, she and Glenn cast the firm vision to the team. Glenn focused on serving clients while Julie set out to leverage the team to execute the necessary changes. Two years later, their firm doubled in revenue and increased profits exponentially with the same amount of people resources. With a strong, unwavering commitment to their team and their firm culture, they empowered staff who are also fiercely loyal.

With specific expertise in the ‘business’ of public accounting, Julie also speaks nationwide and enjoys inspiring others in the profession to take action, evolve, and grow.

Julie has 2 beautiful daughters who keep her busy outside of work. In addition to spending time with family, she also enjoys traveling, sporting events, and running, and some occasional retail therapy.

Other Notable Achievements for the EmpowerCPA™ Founder:

Julie was also named Innovative Practitioner of the Year by CPA.com in December 2021.

Harper & Company CPAs Plus was award the prestigious Thomson Reuter Luca Award November 2021.

Julie launched a podcast in 2021, entitled Empowering Entrepreneurs which can be found everywhere you listen to podcasts.