A proven system for CPA firms to execute change and make results happen.

EmpowerCPA™ guides firms through the shortcuts, steps, secrets, and best practices for transitioning to an advisory model while holding them accountable.

POWER: Prepare, Optimize, Win, Evolve, and Results. These are the key components of the EmpowerCPA™ Model that work together to achieve operational excellence in a CPA firm.

Most CPA firms know that expanding advisory services is essential to both surviving and thriving, but they don’t know how to execute change successfully. The EmpowerCPA™ Model empowers firms to go from being stuck in a traditional daily grind to building a scalable, profitable, and enjoyable business.

We get it.

We built EmpowerCPA™ to transform our own firm 5 years ago. Since then, we’ve helped dozens of CPA firms shift from a traditional daily grind starving for time and talent to exceptionally profitable business advisory models with engaged teams.

You’ve worked hard to build your firm. You deserve to achieve operational excellence and exponential growth. Empower your team through our proprietary platform, and watch your firm transform with our 10/10 Guarantee™.

Ready to see how easy it is to execute change? So easy that your team can do it?

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