The Firm Champion™

The crucial role every business needs to get to the next level

Every business owner starts their journey with a sense of passion and purpose. It’s both exciting and terrifying. An emotional roller coaster that climbs up a steep hill and plunges down the other side, twisting, turning, looping upside down. Sometimes all in one day. A few times. It can be exhausting.

You’ve made it this far. Perhaps you’ve hired a few people or an entire team to help with the workload or fill specific roles. And now it’s time to grow. Scale to the next level. Get off the roller coaster. Or, in some cases the proverbial hamster wheel.

You built your business. Or, maybe it’s you and a partner. As an entrepreneur, you know that no one is as passionate about your business as you are. 


You grow your client base, which in turn grows the workload…for you. And the stress. You’re burning the candle at both ends, but you still aren’t where you know you should be. There aren’t any more hours in the day, and your family needs your time, too. 

And, every time you scroll through your podcast list, open up your email, or see what’s happening in your industry – you see others just like you crushing it.

You know it’s possible, but how?

The Firm Champion™

There is a secret ingredient to scaling any business: The Firm Champion™.

To be sure, hiring people you can trust, who fit your culture, and who are competent and talented are all critical to building your business. But, in order to bridge the gap between where you are now as an exhausted business owner and where you want to be as a thriving entrepreneur who enjoys the journey, the secret ingredient is The Firm Champion™.

The Firm Champion™ is your wingman and the person who can take ownership of operational excellence and lead your company into it. The Firm Champion™ isn’t just an ‘implementer,’ they are just as much a visionary. Someone who can ‘see’ what the company should look like and how it should run at the next level.

The caveat

For The Firm Champion™ to be effective, you (the owner and entrepreneur) must be willing and committed to doing the following:

  • Get out of your own way. 
  • Delegate and give up control for The Firm Champion™ to build the processes and culture that will get the entire team moving in the same direction to achieve your vision for the company.
  • Trust The Firm Champion™ implicitly, even when you can’t see the outcome of their decisions…yet.

It’s normal to disagree. Candidly, your Champion™ should be someone who is willing and able to hold you accountable and push back professionally when appropriate. You, the business owner, have the right and the obligation to do the same. These types of conversations always need to take place behind closed doors, with a strong, positive, harmonious front consistently demonstrated in front of the team.

Standardizing processes and building culture

The Champion™ works closely with you to understand and help clarify the company vision. Together, you commit to forming a unified front, with The Champion™ taking the lead to deliver the vision to the team. 

The Champion™ begins building and standardizing processes, empowering various members of the team to create and execute. A positive culture is formed as roles are defined. Everyone understands how they contribute to the bigger vision and goal, and every team member knows exactly what is expected of them.

The breakthrough

When you empower yourself and your business with a strong Champion™, you will break through the barriers that are keeping you on the hamster wheel.  

With The Champion™ steering the business for and with you, you’ll have the clarity to see what’s in front of you so that you can nimbly pivot around obstacles and road bumps that can and will pop up as you scale.

You’ll have more time to focus on the direction of your business, instead of being lost in your business.  Most importantly, you’ll finally be free to enjoy the journey you are on.

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