Your secret weapon. The JULIE™

Get your entire team in sync with your vision and excited to contribute.

Getting out of your own way is often the hardest part about executing change.

Change starts with a clear vision. While the vision can be cast by firm leadership, a Firm Champion™ must be chosen in order for the vision to become reality.

CPA firm owners are not Firm Champions.

As part of the EmpowerCPA™ program, you will choose a Firm Champion™ to execute the change necessary to carry out your vision and hold the entire firm accountable along the way.

In the EmpowerCPA™ program, the Firm Champion™ is called The JULIE™: Jettison Upward & Lead Into Excellence.

The JULIE™ role is at the core of the EmpowerCPA™ model.

So, where do you find one? How do you hire one? What do they actually do? Download your free guide here.

The JULIE™ is responsible for :

Process creation and standardization

Empowering members of
the team

Team communication and engagement

Metrics and accountability

Firm culture

Not sure you have the right person in your firm to be a The JULIE™? We have you covered.

Learn more about who The JULIE™ is in your firm by downloading our free checklist here…